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Monday, December 14, 2015

Choosing the Right Family Lawyer.

Choosing the proper family attorney to represent your side of a divorce proceeding is an extremely important decision.  We know that you have dozens of choices throughout Chicagoland.  Let us introduce you to Vincent C. Ruggiero.  He has been licensed to practice in the state of Illinois for more than 30 years.

Attorney Ruggiero does not “dabble” in family law as one of his practice areas.  He devotes his full time and attention to its pursuit.  He has had litigation training at the highest level, and his personal life experiences make him uniquely qualified to handle any case ranging from custody and financial battles to simple divorces where both parties agree on the eventual outcome.

Vincent Ruggiero is also a Certified Divorce Mediator, a registered Certified Public Accountant, and a member of the DuPage County Bar Association Family Law Subcommittee.  You do not need to be mean to be tough, so when you make the decision to hire an aggressive yet sensible divorce attorney in DuPage, Will, Kane, or Cook counties, call the office of Vincent C. Ruggiero at (630) 654-0044.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Spectacular Celebration of the Season

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Happy Holidays!  


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Changes in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act beginning in 2016.

In the state of Illinois the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act was originally enacted more than 35 years ago.  There have been many changes in family dynamics over those three and a half decades.  Not the least of which is same-sex marriage, embryo preservation, and rights.  Parenting and adoption in general have also changed.

The Illinois legislature has been grappling with this for years.  They have been pushing for a revised version of the 1979 Act.  Finally it has arrived.  Effective January 1, 2016, there will be several significant updates in the ways that divorces and other related issues will be addressed in the future in the Land of Lincoln.  This law will apply to all new AND pending cases.  For example, there will be no more “sole” or “joint” custody; rather, an allocation of certain specified parental responsibilities.  The term “visitation” is also done away with, and each parent must submit within 120 days of the start of the case a written parenting plan for the court to consider.

When you need a great family attorney in Chicagoland to navigate through these new changes, contact the office of Vincent Ruggiero serving Kane, DuPage, Will, and Cook Counties.  From his office in Lisle, Illinois, he will assist you through the stressful process of the dissolution of marriage anytime of the year.  Call Attorney Ruggiero for serious and compassionate advice at (630) 654-0044.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Impact of Social Media on Divorce Proceedings.

With the holiday season upon us, it is important to revisit the slippery slope of how Facebook and Twitter have become key components in many divorce cases.  We accept that Facebook, for example, has become something many rely upon for near-daily communication as well as entertainment.  However, it also poses a unique challenge as it pertains to divorce and child custody issues.  It is extremely important to choose carefully what you decide to post if you are going through such proceedings.

Know that any party or friend of that party who is involved in a divorce will look at the social media posts of their former spouse.  NEVER post false or derogatory comments about your former or soon-to-be-former spouse online.  Resist the urge to check in at places like the local bar.  Change your social media passwords.  Refrain from posting any videos or photos that you suspect may be used against you.  Among other things, review what your friends are posting about you and ask them to remove any damaging photos.  How you feel and act toward the other parent is a “factor” a judge considers in awarding or taking-away custody!

There is much more to understand about the power of social media upon the eventual resolution of your divorce case.  For more in depth information pertaining to your specific case, contact Illinois Divorce Attorney Vincent Ruggiero at 630/654-0044.  He will provide assistance with your divorce matters in DuPage, Will, Kane, and Cook Counties.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Changes in Illinois Alimony Law.

August 15, 2014 was an important day in the history of Illinois spousal support law. On that day, Governor Quinn signed into law new spousal maintenance rules that dramatically change how maintenance (formerly known as alimony) is determined in the Land of Lincoln.

The new law changes the determination of maintenance and becomes more or less a mathematical formula. A formulaic approach has been used for years in determining child support, but not for determining maintenance.  You may have a myriad of questions concerning the relatively new law, both positive and negative.

Up until the beginning of 2015, a judge hearing a divorce case has determined whether a spouse is entitled to maintenance based on the statutory factors detailed in Section 504(a) of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.  Those factors include both incomes; the property that both parties have in their possession; the needs of both parties; the ability of both parties to earn a living, both now and in the future; the length of the union; the current health of both parties; and the standard of living established during the marriage.

As mentioned above, you may have numerous questions about how this law affects your dissolution of marriage.  The right person to answer those questions is Lisle, Illinois attorney Vincent Ruggiero.  From his office he serves family law clients in Kane, DuPage, Will, and Cook Counties.  Please call his office today to make an appointment at (630) 654-0044.